Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saltwater Fishing Florida Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Dave an I love saltwater fishing, I don't care where I am, any state, country, I just love fishing. It doesn't even have to be fishing in saltwater, although that is what I prefer, since that is what I have grown up to. You can find me fishing for some bass on occasion, and the occasion would be that I am no where near a coast to cast out into the saltwater. So I am here to tell you a little about myself, and then we will get into some very detailed posts about all types of saltwater fishing, but being that I grew up in Florida, and 90% of my fishing that I have done in my life has been in Florida, so most of the posts are going to be related to Florida fishing.

I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay are in Florida, I have been fishing almost my whole life. I am 26 years old, and I am currently not a professional angler nor am I a experienced captain (yet). I however, have a family that is, my uncle has been fishing for over 40 years, and he knows thousands of great spots to drop a fishing line, mostly all over Florida, and especially the Keys. My cousin is also an expert, there is nothing that he can't catch, there is nothing that he can't hunt, I have learned from the best in Florida. Their knowledge has slowly trickled down into my mental den. They have taught me all about the types of saltwater fishing rods, fishing reels, tackle, bait, boating, and so much more. This blog is all about me sharing my knowledge that I have learned over the years from my uncle and my cousin, this is a great place for the beginning saltwater angler to learn a thing or two.

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Daniel said...

Its best to fish snook in season thus i like to catch snook year long. Snook is an excellent fighting fish i consider my sport. cheers