Sunday, November 16, 2008

How To Throw A Cast Net

Throwing A Cast Net

When you try to throw a cast net for the first time, you might find it quite difficult, the key is the more you practice the easier it will get, and eventually throwing a cast net will be second nature to you. For the beginner it is recommended to start off with a small cast net, in the range between 3’ to 5’, anything bigger will just make it that much more difficult to do. You may want to start off practicing in your backyard, or any open space, it isn’t wise to start off on a boat, you could lose your balance and fall in the water. The following tutorial will be for people that are right handed, and will be followed up with some videos covering how to throw a cast net.

As a precaution, before throwing a cast net, take off any watches or rings if you have them on, you don’t want the net to get caught up in them, injury could occur and you could mess up your cast missing a school of bait or fish. With the cast net rope, create a loop around your left hand, this is so when you release the cast net you won’t lose it in the water. Wrap the rope up in a loop from your left elbow to your hand, once you have the rope in a coil go ahead and let it hang. With your right hand grab the top of the cast net, if the net is over 5’ you may have to bend the net and hold it in the middle. Grab a piece of the net and put it in your mouth, don’t hold the net with your teeth, just use your lips, being careful not to bite down on the sinkers. Twist your body back about ¾ of the way, and then swing your arms using your right hand to aim the net, the cast net should make a full spread when it’s in the air. Let the net sink to the bottom, once it hits bottom you can pull the net up, empty bait fish into bucket. Below are some great videos that will do you much more justice on learning how to throw a cast net then a bunch of words will do, feel free to watch them and learn.

Using A Cast Net

Cast nets are great for catching bait fish, and they come in sizes from 3' radius to 12' radius (citation needed). They are basically fishing line constructed into a net, and they have sinkers at the end to sink down to the bottom and trap the fish or bait. Not only are cast nets great for catching bait like minnows, pinfish, shiners, but they can also be used to catch mullet. The more you throw a cast net the better you will get, they you can slowly move up to bigger nets to increase your percentage and amount of bait and fish that you bring in.

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