Monday, November 17, 2008

Florida Keys Fishing - Lobster

Now I have been fishing in the Florida Keys for many years, catching many types of fish, from coolers full of snapper, to coolers full of mahi mahi. That’s all good, and it will make the day really fun, but what are you to do when the day is over ? Maybe go to a bar and get drunk, cook up all of the fish that you caught, drink some more, think about what you are going to do the next day? No, I want to fish some more, there are a couple good places to do some night fishing, my uncle and I have done a lot of night fishing, but he had found another way to catch some fish, one of the best tasting seafood in the world, Florida Keys lobster. The lobster in the Florida Keys are kind of small compared to other lobster around the world, but they fill up the small canals and passages inland, and if you have a small boat with a night light on it, you might as well give it a try, Florida Keys fishing for lobster at night time.

Before you go out and try to catch some lobster, please be aware that in Florida you will need a permit to catch them, and I am not completely sure that this method my uncle and I used is completely legal so please take caution in doing this. You can acquire a license from the link in my side bar titled Florida Fishing License, its only about 2 dollars and they will mail it to you, I think they only charge a couple dollars for the convenience fee, but check the website to be sure.

So my uncle has a little ol Jon boat, it’s about 10 foot long with a little 15 horsepower motor on it, we attached a spotlight on front of the boat. The way that we were catching the lobster was by net, not a cast net, but a regular fishing net, the technique is to scoop the lobster out of the water. It is very difficult and challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it’s all second nature. You are not going to get tons of lobster fishing for them using the scoop technique, but if you are lucky you will get about 6-7 legal sized lobster, which is about how many we got after going up and down the canals for about 2 hours. The thing that makes it challenging is standing on the bow of the boat looking into the water, now this would be really easy for the sober person, but when you have been deep sea fishing all day, like me, I was also drinking all day too. So I had a really good buzz going on, and my sea legs were really wanting to give in. I don’t get to do some Florida Keys fishing every day, I don’t even get to fish in the Florida Keys every month, so when I am there, I make sure that I am having fun. If you don’t condone drinking and fishing all well, I do, and I love it, when I am on vacation I have fun dammit.

Back to the rocking of the boat and trying to catch some lobster drunk, luckily I did not fall in the water but somebody else on the boat did, I tell you it was hilarious, and it was close to winter time so the water in the Florida Keys was a bit chilly, but the girl that fell in was highly intoxicated so that helped with handling the cold a lot. The bad thing is when she fell in she scared a lot of the lobster away (lol). Below are some of the pictures of the lobster that we had caught.

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