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Deep Sea Fishing Florida

So if you want to do some deep sea fishing in Florida, you will need the appropriate tackle to use. Not only will you need the right kind of tackle, you will also need a lot of money. Fishing the deep sea is not cheap these days, and you will have access to a fishing boat to get out there. If you do not have a boat nor do you know anybody that has a boat, you can always get a couple of buddies, and find a captain to take you out. I live in Clearwater, Florida, and here there are a handful of charters that are willing to take you out deep sea fishing Clearwater Florida for the right price. It will be expensive, but that is where you can your friends divide the cost up to make it a little easier on your pockets.

Now if you do have a boat, make sure that it is suitable for going offshore, some examples of fishing boats that are not suitable for going offshore are pontoon boats and deck boats, these are made to stay inland, and if you have one I highly recommend that you use them for what they are made for, staying inshore.

So let’s say that you have a nice fishing boat, like a 20 foot Hydra Sport, some of the things you might want to have on the boat before you go out fishing are, a cooler full of ice. Nothing spoils fresh fish than them not being frozen, as soon as you catch something that you plan to keep, the fish should immediately be placed on ice, after you take a couple pictures with it of course. You should also have a live well, everyone knows that live bait works best for almost every kind of fishing, and if you are bottom fishing in the deep sea, then you will pull up a lot of small potential bait for sharks and other big game fish. Another option you could have on your boat for deep sea fishing in Florida would be some outriggers. These will allow you to put out some more fishing lines if you are planning to troll for fish. Always have plenty of fishing rods, every rod holder on your boat should have a fishing rod in it, you never know what you might run into, and if you have a school of fish around the boat and one of the lines break, you want to have quick access to a fishing pole that is already rigged up and ready to go.

Next thing you want to bring out on the boat with you when deep sea fishing Florida are some chum blocks, these are great when doing some bottom saltwater fishing less than 100 feet deep. Another useful little tool to have on deck when deep sea fishing Florida is a GPS/Fish Finder system. These little devices can show you if there are fish below you, they also show you rocks and obstructions, you might even get lucky and find a ship wreck that nobody knows about, this is the key to deep sea fishing Florida, to find those rare saltwater fishing spots that nobody knows about, if other fishermen don’t know about the spot, then that means it’s not over fished, which means you are guaranteed to catch some fish every time you tie anchor there and drop a fishing line. If you do happen to find one of these gold mine fishing spots, do not tell anyone, don’t tell your family, your friends, no one. You can take them to the spot, but just don’t share the coordinates with them. Besides finding fish and great saltwater fishing spots with a fish finder, they also tell you how deep the water is, it’s a great tool to have when deep sea fishing Florida.
Next you will need something to land the fish with, since it is very difficult to get a 40 pound dolphin in the fishing boat by hand. This is where the gaff comes in handy, I use one for any fish that’s over 15 pounds or so, when you are using a gaff, you want to bring the fish close up to the boat, and then place the gaff under the fish and lift up with force. Gaffing takes a little bit of practice to get it down right but once you master it you find it second nature. As I said earlier, have plenty of fishing rods on deck, have some conventional trolling rods, and have some spinning reel set ups also, you never know what kind of fish you might stumble upon. You will also need a good supply of egg sinkers if you are deep sea bottom fishing, but unless you have an electric reel set up, I would not fish no deeper than a 100 feet.

Now last but definitely not least, the most important things to have when deep sea fishing Florida, matter of fact anytime you go offshore, make sure that you have a radio. If you were to get in trouble it might be the only way for you to contact the U.S. Coast Guard, or anyone else that can help. Going offshore without a radio is retarded, don’t do it. Make sure that your boat has plenty of fuel, it sucks running out of gas 10 miles off shore, better have a radio. The last item I am going to mention is preferably for me, but make sure that you have plenty of beer on board, always bring twice as much as you think you will drink, and if you do this, make sure that you have a designated boat driver. That’s really all you need for deep sea fishing Florida, if you can think of anything that I might have left out please feel free to leave me a comment.

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Anonymous said...

You also need a PLB or EPIRB because a 25 watt VHF radio only works up to around 15-20 miles.